Frequently Asked Questions

Installation & Setup

The automatic installer complains about no filesystem access. What to do?

Set the owner rights for your /ts/ directory to the user your php installation is running as, or—only if you can’t change the owner—temporarily set the directory permissions to 777

The automatic installer says that the server lacks ZIP support. What’s this?

This means you will need to download, extract and configure TypeShow manually.
You can get the full package here. This is the exact package that the automatic installer normally downloads and extracts. Please note that you need to set up .htaccess password protection (http-auth) for /admin/ and /resources/ manually if you do not use the automatic installer. So this is recommended for experts only.

The automatic installer has problems downloading the package. WTF?

This means you will need to download TypeShow manually and put it in the same directory as install.php.
You can get the full package here. This is the exact package that the automatic installer normally downloads. Then, navigate to/ts/install.php in your browser once again.

How do I add and manage Fonts, Themes, and Settings?

Assuming you have installed Typeshow to, you will find the admin interface at

Does TypeShow work with WordPress?

Certainly. There is no official WordPress plugin yet, but it should work by slightly modifying your WordPress theme.

Why do you use http-auth instead of session based authentication?

It’s simple and pretty secure. We’re planning to implement nicer session-based authentication in a future version.


I have problems creating the watermark overlay PNG image.

  • In Photoshop make sure that you are saving a 24-bit PNG file and that you have transparency turned on. In Fireworks this is called a 32-bit PNG.
  • Use Photoshop’s Save for Web feature, so no color profiles are embedded.
  • Explicitly turn turn off conversion to sRGB. This option is hidden in an arrow dropdown menu right above the file format options in the Save for Web window.

Font Files

Does TypeShow support OpenType features?

No. Due to the limitations of the standard software setup (PHP, GD, FreeType), it is not possible to display OpenType feature.

Why is kerning in my fonts broken?

Try uploading a TrueType font with a flat kerning table. If this doesn’t help, your server setup (GD/FreeType) probably does not support kerning.

How do I optimize my fonts for TypeShow?

If the fonts you would like to use with TypeShow are already in TrueType format, you should be able to use them as they are.
If your fonts are OpenType fonts in PostScript/CFF format, please read our tips on optimizing fonts for server rendering.