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TypeShow is a stand-alone widget that integrates with your website.
It allows your visitors to test your fonts easily and beautifully.
TypeShow runs on your own server and is fully customizable.



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Runs on your server: No exotic software required. TypeShow will work like a charm on most servers with PHP5.2+
Written from scratch with modern web technologies and minimal overhead, it even works on affordable shared web hosting configurations. System Requirements 

Easy setup: Run the installer, add a few lines of HTML to your site, adjust the CSS if you wish—and TypeShow looks as if it had always been there. Getting Started 

Customize: Create your own themes— choose colors, background, and watermark images to put your fonts on a backdrop that suits them.

Great UX: The TypeShow widget’s carefully tuned AJAX user interface: Instant refresh of the font sample, unobtrusive user feedback on a minimalist interface. And it runs well in all popular browsers, including Mobile Safari on iOS.

Manage your fonts and themes in the TypeShow admin interface. Preview your changes before publishing them to the live widget.

Details matter: TypeShow comes with TypeShowType, a fresh custom pixel font by Jan Fromm. Of course, you could use your own pixel letters instead.

Rendering quality and features like kerning support depend on your server configuration.